Prodigal Children

"Prodigal Children" is the title of a book in progress by Marika Love.  She has documented her amazing healing in several books, children's stories, articles and poetry.  She lost all of her children because of her health crisis; and years later, after a miraculous healing, they all came back to her.


Our intention is to use all profits from these book sales to fund our programs at the JOY OF LEARNING CENTERS.  We guarantee you will love them!  By enjoying these wonderful writings, you will help us develop The Prosperity Project and "Let's Get Healthy and Stay that Way".

These fund-raising books are available for purchase now:

"Life With Pagan" is now out as a Kindle book on Amazon! The sales of this book will also help create funding for the project to help the homeless families. You can click here to preview it and order a copy. If you would like a printed copy, you can call our office at 415-499-0907.

"Mary's Garden" is also now available on Amazon! It is a delightful children's story based on the actual development of the garden at the JOY OF LEARNING CENTER.  You can click here to preview it and order a copy.  Or contact us by email or phone (415-499-0907) to order your hard copy, complete with educational flyers about CODEX and the Prosperity Project.

"Rainier" - the first chapter of "The Venus Archipelago", a book of poetry written over the years near the world's great mountains.  Hand calligraphied by Jessica Green.  Available for $15.00 per custom copy; or as a wall hanging in an angel gift bag for $29.95. To order, you can contact us through the contact info on our home page. Click here to go to that section.


1,  "How to Re-Gain Your Health Wholistically", an article written directly from Marika's experience of healing from a catastrophic breakdown and recovery.  4 pages, priceless information:  $20.00 plus postage
2.  "The Nurturing Hand of the Mother" - a 2 page article about the importance of bodywork (Massage, Energy Massage) in the healing process.  $10.00 plus postage
3.  "Energy Nutrition": How to use the Astrological Chart to determine your basic energetic imbalances; and how to correct those imbalances with food.  $10.00 plus postage

To order any of these, you can contact us through the contact info on our home page or click here to go to that section.


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