Prosperity Project

THE PROSPERITY PROJECT - Because the Land and the Food Supply are our real wealth.
About the Prosperity Project: A Cree prophecy says, "When you have poisoned the last river and paved over the last of your land, you will learn you can't eat money."
The Joy of Learning Center recognizes that the foundation for improving health is a good diet of natural foods without GMO's or chemical pollution



The JOY OF LEARNING CENTER will be teaching classes in Spanish to Latino students starting in April, 2015.  We are making plans for a sister project in Guatemala.

We see these students as a powerful force for creating a local source of organic food.  While many Americans are too busy or too tired to do their own gardening, Latinos have come here to work hard.  They are service-minded and have a special connection with the Earth.

Our intention is that after they have practiced in our garden here at the Center, our students will  help home owners and renters install and maintain organic gardens and beautiful, edible landscapes.  
WHOLE FOODS and AMGAT (Asociacion Maya Guatemalteca Abaj Takalik) will be providing refreshments.  And one day, our gardeners will be providing organic produce for WHOLE FOODS.

Working together with AMGAT, (Asociacion Maya Abaj Takalik), the JOY OF LEARNING CENTER is creating Edible Landscapes in local back yards and open spaces.  We envision a "patchwork quilt" of luscious edible landscapes, farms and gardens spreading across the County, the Nation, and the Planet.   Through the dedicated work of Alfredo Guitron, Program Director of the Prosperity Project, there are now four organic gardens flourishing in Marin County. 

We now have secured three locations for establishing Teaching Gardens, to teach organic principles hands on to Spanish speaking Latino trabajadores (workers/students).  After graduating from our classes, these people will go into the community to help us create year round gardens in yards and open spaces around Marin County.

To view the PowerPoint presentation about the Prosperity Project, click the link below and use your mouse to click the slides forward:

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